Cee Lo Accused of Sexual Assault at Sushi Restaurant

ceelo 300x210 Cee Lo Accused of Sexual Assault at Sushi Restaurant

TMZ is now reporting that the incident in which an unnamed female claimed that The Voice judge Cee Lo Green sexually assaulted her occurred in a sushi restaurant.

Authorities have questioned employees and possibly even patrons that were present at the time of the alleged assault to see if they saw anything.  Apparently the woman was someone Cee Lo had brought to dinner–possibly a date.  So it seems strange not only that Cee-Lo would sexually assault someone in public or at all not to mention someone he brought to the restaurant with him.

The accuser claims that the assault occurred several months ago, which obviously begs the question of why she would just now be reporting it.

Cee Lo has not formally commented on the allegations other than vehemently denying to TMZ that the assault happened.  The singer said that he hadn’t been to the restaurant in months and has no idea what the woman is talking about.  I suppose her timeline of the assault and Cee Lo’s last known visit there coincide, but again, it all seems pretty hard to swallow.

“Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else,” he said to TMZ.  A source close to Green adds, “I have never seen Cee Lo act in a physical way toward anybody.”

Cee Lo did have at least one domestic incident in 2001 when during an argument he allegedly threatened his ex-wife Christina Johnson and smashed the windows of their Jaguar.  He was reportedly put on a year’s probation following the incident.

Cee Lo has also admitted to having something of a dark streak in interviews– claims that when dug up in the face of allegations like this probably aren’t the best thing for him, but at least he’s refreshingly honest!

“I was a kleptomaniac, pyromaniac, just a plain maniac. I was enraged without an outlet. I was aggressive and … took pride in that. I was saved because of my association with music. Music truly did calm a savage beast,” he said during an interview with Blender.com.

Anyway, this whole thing seems pretty out there.  Probably just a money grubber trying to make some Voice dollars off of Cee Lo.  Fame comes with a price, I guess!

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