Irv Richards, Denise Richards’ Father, Is Getting Married

Irv Richards, the man who helped bring Denise Richards into the world, is getting married.

The Drop Dead Gorgeous star’s dad appeared on the reality TV series Millionaire Matchmaker earlier this year in hopes of finding someone special. Although he originally asked Patti Stranger for some help, he ultimately located his future wife on a dating website.

Us Weekly reports that Irv Richards now is ready and willing to get married once again. Denise Richards revealed her father’s engagement during an appearance on Chelsea Lately.

“He did one of those dating sites. He’s getting married,” the actress said during the interview.

While Irv might be ready to walk down the aisle, his daughter seemed to think he might be moving a little too fast.

“I think he could have maybe waited a little longer, but whatever,” Denise remarked.

According to Ace Showbiz, Irv Richards’ wife Joni passed away six years ago from cancer. However, it would appear the actress’ dad is looking for love once again.

When asked if she will help out with her father’s wedding, Denise told Chelsea Handler that probably won’t happen. The actress added that she currently doesn’t know when her father intends to get married.

“I don’t even know when it is! They’re probably going to Vegas or something,” she explained.

While Irv Richards ultimately found his fiance on a dating website, apparently there’s absolutely no love lost between Denise’s dad and Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger. She wished Irv nothing but the best in a tweet issued on Friday (July 5).

When he isn’t looking for love, Irv often helps take care of his three granddaughters. Reports suggest Irv also has a hand in looking after Charlie Sheen’s sons.

What do you think about Irv Richards getting married?

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