Victoria Justice’s “Extra” Interview Delayed Due to Sneeze Attack

Throughout an look on “Added” taped on Monday (March 26), Victoria Justice had quite the interesting knowledge as her chat came to a halt thanks to a sneeze attack by the show’s host, Maria Menounos.

The “Victorious” star stopped by The Grove in Los Angeles in colorful skinny jeans and a bright blue cardigan to talk about her very first large role in the film “Entertaining Size,” as well as her music career in the operates.

As soon as finished up, it seems as if Miss Justice was able to take pleasure in a small down time, as she tweeted, “I am off from work this week! Have a fantastic Monday guys. Xo”.

Up for Favorite Tv Actress at the Kids’ Option Awards this weekend, the 19-year-old not too long ago confessed to Parade magazine that she has but to get her driver’s license – but there are a lot of other items the young starlet has experienced so early in life.

When asked if entertaining was constantly a thing she desired to do, Victoria stated, “I was so young when this all began happening for me and I loved what I was carrying out so I didn’t truly feel about anything else. When I was tiny I had this notion of getting a marine biologist. I grew up by the ocean so I was often in the water but realistically, I do not believe I would make the finest marine biologist.”

Talking about her initial massive movie, the brunette cutie dished, “It was extraordinary. It was a single of the most wonderful experiences of my life. It was a summer I will in no way forget in Cleveland, Ohio, one particular of the most humid places on earth. I am so scared to see this movie considering that it was so hot the entire time we were filming and I really feel like we’re going to appear so sweaty. It was remarkable and I am so honored they believed in me to place me in the lead role. It is a massive opportunity and I am genuinely excited to show individuals a new side of me and introduce myself to other men and women outside of the world I am in now.”

Justice also revealed she’s nevertheless working on her debut album, saying, “I’ve been writing music whenever I have free of charge time, like on weekends. Whenever there is a moment offered. I’m working on that right now but I’m really taking my time. I just want it to be the very best it can be certainly and I don’t want to rush it. I’ve written a bunch of songs now and I cannot wait for people to hear my music.”

Victoria’s most recent film, “Entertaining Size,” is set to hit theaters October 26, 2012 and follows a troubled but whip-smart teen girl who loses her oddball little brother on Halloween and has a single desperate night to track him down.

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